T. A. White has worked as a Librarian, and once & future Printer, for over 30 years.

“Our Feasting Free”

The philosopher Anaxagoras said it is by having hands that humans are the smartest of all animals. I know this to be true, because my mind is fully alive when I work with my hands. Inspired by medieval manuscripts and early printed books, I work with my hands, a letter at a time, setting historic typefaces and creating printing blocks to pay homage to a fifteen hundred year old tradition of book arts. I use my own writings & my encounters with the denizens of the greenwood at the edges of Duluth to give other old book arts traditions, drollery & fable, a modern touch. I create limited edition modern broadsides (single-sided prints that include words & images) and limited edition hand-bound books.

I work on a Chandler & Price Old Style Letterpress, 1200 lbs. of iron cast in 1906, and powered by a foot treadle. Images are photo-engravings from my pen & ink sketches or hand-carved linocuts. Due the size limitations of my press (roughly an 8”x10’ printing area), I have recently started to explore larger linocuts.

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